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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an Elite Customer?
You can sign up with your Beauty Society Rep or contact the Corporate office at 866.446.8848.
What do I receive as an Elite Customer?
You always receive 15% off products, free shipping, as well as monthly Customer Specials and exclusive 50% off items (additional 15% does not apply) that only Elite Customers can order. Shipping is free on EVERY order!
What is the charge for being an Elite Customer?
There is no subscription fee, it is FREE! Each auto delivery order must be a minimum of $50 before the discount and tax is applied.
How do I preview bi-monthly Elite Specials?
Log into your account and click on the link ‘Your Auto Deliveries’. If you do not update your bi-monthly shipment, you’ll receive the previous order.
How do I update my auto delivery?
You can contact the Corporate office (714-847-7353 or or directly with your Beauty Society Rep.
Can I send my order to someone else?
Yes! Every Elite Customer Box arrives beautifully packaged and ready to gift. If you’d like to send your box to someone else you can log into your account and click on the link ‘Update Shipping Address’. You may also contact the Corporate office (714-847-7353 or or directly with your Beauty Society Rep.


What are my subscription options?
As a NEW Elite Customer you may wish to have your auto delivery to begin on the 1st 20th of the month or 2nd 20th of the following month. You will receive a shipment every other month thereafter.
When should I update my auto delivery?
You may update and change your order at any time between deliveries. Changes must be made 48 hours before the 20th of the month in which your delivery is shipped.
Do you have a referral program?
Yes—you’ll earn $20 per referral in your credit balance that can be applied to future auto delivery orders or a regular customer orders. The credit balance is issued after the 1st shipment is released for the person you referred.
Can I skip a month?
Auto deliveries cannot be pushed back or cancelled.
What if I need product between shipments?
You can always place orders outside of your auto delivery at any time! You will always receive 15% off products orders and monthly Customer Specials. You may also order additional Elite Customer specials, there is no cap. Free Shipping on EVERY order!
How do I cancel my subscription?
Call the Beauty Society Corporate office at 714.847.7353 Please note: you must cancel by the 18th at 2:59pm (PST) to avoid being charged on the 20th. There is a 6 month waiting period to re-sign as an Elite Customer.


How do I update my credit card information on file?
Just log in to your account and click on the link ‘Update Billing & CC Info’.
What forms of payment can I use?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
When will my credit card be charged?
Your card will charged on the 20th of the month.
Does Beauty Society charge sales tax?
Sales tax is based upon the ship to zip code.
What happens if my Credit Card was unable to be processed on my auto delivery cycle and how do I know?
You will receive a call and/or an email from the Corporate office informing you that we were unable to receive payment. Your immediate response is requested to avoid delays of the order shipping and to process payment. We understand that credit cards are often reissued or expiration dates are updated with the life of the credit card. In the event that 2 consecutive payment cycles are not able to be processed your Elite membership may be jeopardized.


Can I track my order?
You'll receive an email with tracking information as soon as your box has shipped.
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is free on EVERY order!
When can I expect my auto delivery to arrive? Shipping typically takes between 3-5 days to arrive, if not sooner! If the 20th falls Monday thru Friday it will ship same day, if they 20th falls on a Saturday or Sunday it will ship on the following Monday.


What is the return policy?
We have a wonderful return policy of 12 months on skincare, 30 days on fragrance, hair care, makeup and merchandise. Please visit our return/exchange link on the homepage for more details. Auto delivery orders must be exchanged for other product(s) or the Elite status will be cancelled. If your order arrives incorrect or is defective, please contact our Corporate office (714-847-7353 or and they’ll make it right.